We help businesses turn ideas into products that effect positive change in the real world

We use design as the link between creativity and innovation. We help conceive, develop and bring to market physical and digital products addressing the future of work, mental health at the workplace, physical health, nutrition and more.

In view of the impact of automation and AI on work, we believe that tools and environments that encourage creativity, enable the sharing of knowledge and foster a sense of belonging to a shared culture can help establish human roles which are enhanced and not threatened by technology.

Good design is good business

Human-Centred Design

We use Human-Centred Design & Innovation to advocate user needs, developing solutions that are responsible and commercially attractive

UX Research & Design

We uncover user needs, motivations and behaviours with respect to business requirements so as to inform the arrangement of elements in interactive systems such as apps and websites and to evaluate usability

Product Management

We manage development, design, marketing and operations teams while constantly advocating user needs to prioritise feature development that meets business goals

Design Thinking & Agile

We work with stakeholders adapting Design Thinking and Agile Development principles to align teams and deliver differentiated propositions that bring new value to users and drive growth.


Obtain business objectives, research the problem and opportunity space for the organization and understand user needs and motivations. Achieve consensus on desired outcomes

Fish are the last to recognise water (Ethiopean proverb)


Synthesize research findings into problem statements. Decide what to build to satisfy unmet user needs and what not to build. Match the organization’s ambition to its capacity and appetite

Buy two, get one free


Explore solutions quickly and cost-effectively by forming hypothesis, developing value propositions, prototyping and testing

*Alan Fletcher & George Nelson


Verify hypothesis to de-risk future development and marketing spend and implement solutions that make business sense

Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei

At the reception given for Galileo to demonstrate his new discovery a guest refused to look through the telescope in case he faced an unwelcome truth


Prioritise what to build next, test and improve it with regular user input

If you want to get lucky, it pays to be ready (Michael Beirut)